Bike Finder

Bike Finder

Find the Velec electric bike that was made for you.
This tool will help you find the right bike for you. The results are indicative only and may differ from your needs.
Please refer to an authorized Velec dealer for more information.

Cyclist's size

Depending on your height, we will select the frame model and wheel size for optimum efficiency.

Please enter your height
( imperial | metric )

Please note that Velec bikes are designed to support a maximum of 125kg or 275lbs (rider and luggage included.)

Cycling Experience

Tell us more about your practice of cycling, and the physical effort you plan on providing.
Recreational cyclist wishing to provide light and/or occasional pedaling effort.
Comfortable on a bike and want to pedal, but not all the time.
Cyclist in good shape wishing to provide a sustained effort but still want a little help from your bike.

Type of roads and Elevation

Different types of terrain and elevation will require different motor and battery combinations.
Mostly Flat
Flat roads with occasional small to medium hills.
Roads divided between flat and moderate slopes.
Mostly Hills
Roads including many steep hills.

Needs of Autonomy

Autonomy is calculated in kms and based on the use of the bike at assistance level 2 in pedaling mode with a full charged battery, and may vary depending on the luggage and/or rider's weight, winds, roads surface and elevation, and tires air level. If you plan on riding full speed without pedaling, divide autonomy values by two.
Short ride
Medium ride
Long ride
100km +
Very long ride

Geometry Preference

A bike's geometry determines two very important things: how the bike handles and its ergonomy. All of Velec bikes are designed to be both confortable and efficient.
Step Through
A lower horizontal tube for easier access.
Step Over
Regular horizontal tube for increased rigidity of the frame.


All of the Velec models are built with the same high quality frames and electrical components. The bikes include all of the necessary accessories such as front and rear lights, full fenders set, rear carrier and a kickstand.
2000$ - 3000$
Competitive priced bikes equipped with affordable mechanical parts to make sure everyone can own a Velec e-bike.
3000$ - 4000$
A Velec that meets most of the needs of electric bike enthusiasts with an excellent price/quality ratio.
4000$ +
The Velec equipped with the most powerful motor and the more autonomy options to satisfy the cycling enthusiasts.
Found it!

Your future Velec

Based on your answers, those Velec models would suit you the best

We're sorry to inform you that we did not find any Velec matching your answers.
You can either retake the quiz with different parameters or visit your local dealer for more information

Dealer nearby

Mt. Airy Bicycle Company
Address: 4540 Old National Pike
City: Mount Airy
Zip: 21771
State: Maryland

Phone: 301-831-5151
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Address: 1404 South Salisbury Boulevard
City: Salisbury
Zip: 21801
State: Maryland

Phone: 410-546-4747
Address: 146 Main Street
City: Chatham
Zip: 7928
State: New Jersey

Phone: 973-635-8066
Adam Solar Rides
Address: 1912 Mayview Road
City: Bridgeville
Zip: 15017
State: Pennsylvania

Phone: 412-220-1900
Address: 461 Bloomfield Avenue
City: Caldwell
Zip: 7006
State: New Jersey

Phone: 973-403-3330

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