Velec : Proudly designed in Quebec, Canada

When designing a Velec, nothing is left to chance. Our frames are designed in partnership with a Quebec engineering firm, to ensure their excellence. All mechanical components are carefully chosen to meet the needs of future Velec users. We choose parts that are both performance-oriented and above all safety-oriented. Each Velec model is born from the balance of the different qualities of a good electric bike, namely: solidity, comfort, durability, autonomy and power.


Thumb Throttle : the instant Power of Velec

All of our bikes have it : the thumb throttle.  This accelerator will bring you to top speed in seconds. It can be used to sprint, to go past a slow cyclist on the bike path, to give you the extra help you need in a steep hill, to help you take off at start, or to effortlessly cruise on your Velec.


Japanese-designed Motor : Never-Ending Inovation

At Velec, we developped a significant expertise in rear hub motors over the years. This is a rapidly emerging market that is meeting the needs of the majority of electric assisted bike users. Since 2005, we choose our motors to be the most quiet, subtle and powerful. We do offer mid-drive motor bikes as well to to please the most experienced cyclists.


High-End Batteries : It's what's inside that counts

For more than 15 years now, we, at Velec, have been working with major suppliers in the world of lithium batteries, such as Samsung, LG, and Panasonic. Because we know how much you love high-range bicycles, we make sure to offer Velec users the highest quality batteries and the most advanced lithium cell technology on the market.


UL Certified High Capacity Charger : Making charging convenient

Each Velec charger is UL Certified to provide a safe and enjoyable charging experience for all users. Paired with the high capacity batteries of the Citi and R48 models, it is possible to charge these batteries at high speed (2h to 4h depending on the model and the amperage of the battery.) These are compact size chargers that can easily fit into a bag that is placed on the luggage rack of the electric bike.


Velec Development : What's next ?

At Velec, we have always taken great pride in being at the forefront of trends and technologies in the electric bicycle market. It is with values of excellence, teamwork and investment in the local economy that we wish to continue to develop our brand and our products.


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